The films are based on true tales shared by Ed and Lorraine throughout the years. They believe in the supernatural and have revealed some of the incidents that have occurred to them over the years.

Ed Warren was a World War 2 veteran who went on to become a self-proclaimed demonologist. Lorraine, his wife, claimed to be a medium and clairvoyant capable of communicating with demons. They joined forces to assist humans who were dealing with things from another realm.

The first film follows the Perron family, and the entire story is based on actual events. In January 1971, the family relocated into a 14-room farmhouse in Rhode Island. Things started happening right away, and Carolyn Perron began studying the property, discovering that it was haunted by several ghosts.

The worst of all was Bathsheba, who was shown in the film. The films cover some of the most important cases Ed and Lorraine faced over the years, and Lorraine consulted on the films to ensure the directors didn’t use any more dramatic licence than was required.

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