Dumas beach is a rural beach along the Arabian Sea, located 21 kilometres southwest of the city of Surat in the Indian state of  Gujarat. While this beach appears to be God’s house during the day, it transforms into the devil’s paradise as the sun sets. This beach, one of the top tourist sites in Surat, is visited by crowds of visitors and tourists every day, however as the sun sets, many depart for the better. Those who attempted to test the beach by staying overnight either never returned or had terrible stories to tell.

The Mystery

Dumas Beach, located along the Arabian Sea, is one of Gujarat’s most haunted locations. The beach is famous for two things: its black sand and for being haunted! Dumas Beach is reported to be haunted by multiple haunting ghosts who never left the area since it was originally utilised as a Hindu burial place. According to folklore, the occurrence of black sand is due to the amount of ash produced by the burning of the dead, which combined with the white sand of the beach and rendered it dark in shadow.

Fact or fiction?

There’s no denying that the beach has an unsettling atmosphere. The surroundings are lovely yet strangely awful, and you can’t get away from the negativity that surrounds the area. Following the appearance of the moon, a number of paranormal events have been observed in the vicinity. Several visitors and residents have gone missing from Surat’s haunted beach, Dumas, according to reports. In addition, a guy was discovered dead on the shore with his tongue out. And there is no one who can explain why all of these disasters have occurred.

People have also claimed to have heard strange sounds coming from the shore, such as people laughing and sobbing, even when no one is present. Not only that, but residents claim to have seen white figures and moving orbs, as well as a number of other unexplainable phenomena.

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