Success Story: Starting as a billing clerk at Shimla’s The Cecil hotel earning INR 50 per month and eventually developing a luxury hotel chain like Oberoi, Mohan Singh ‘Oberoi’s’ path appears fantastic.One guy had an idea even before India realised the possibilities of hospitality and tourism. eventually began in Rawalpindi, when a young adolescent would marvel at Hotel Flashmans, and eventually culminated in the establishment of a global chain that included 35 hotels. Often referred to as the “Grand Old Man Of The Indian Hospitality Industry,” MS Oberoi was. Perhaps it would be more correct to call him one of its ancestors. He was, after all, the first Indian to run a hotel company in the country.

Struggle And Failure

MS Oberoi was born into a Sikh family in the Pakistani hamlet of Bhanau, which is part of the Jhelum district. When Oberoi’s father died when he was just six months old, his mother took on all of the responsibilities of the household, which was not a pleasant situation for a woman in those days. Mohan Singh decided to give up his education and begin working as a manager in his uncle’s shoe store in Lahore (before Partition) in 1918 when he was old enough to make such a decision. However, the plant had to stop after just a year owing to extensive unrest in Amritsar.

Life After Marriage

MS Oberoi’s life was altered when he wed Ishran Devi. After being married, he moved to Sargodha in modern-day Pakistan, where he resided with his brother-in-law and sought for employment. Oberoi gave up and returned to his native hamlet in the Jhelum area, but nothing appeared to be working well. Even though he wanted to remain and care for her, his mother asked him to return to his in-laws’ home. Oberoi received Rs. 25 from his mother as he was leaving.

Ray Of Hope

After much effort and failure, Oberoi made it to Shimla in 1922 to escape the plague pandemic. He received a monthly salary of Rs 50 when he was engaged as a front desk billing clerk at The Cecil Hotel. Mohan gave it everything he had to give to make the most of this opportunity after experiencing many struggles to get it. MS Oberoi, who came in Shimla with only $25 in his pocket and no shoes, is now in charge of renovating one of the fabled hotels in the area. In reality, Oberoi, who worked hard to seize the opportunity, is responsible for upgrading the bulk of the renowned hotels in Shimla.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Dream

By mortgaging all of his assets and his wife’s jewelry in 1934, Oberoi was able to purchase his first piece of property, The Clarkes Hotel, from his mentor. Over the following five years, his diligent labor allowed him to repay the whole amount of the mortgage. After that, he agreed to a lease to run the 500-room Grand Hotel in Calcutta, which had been put up for sale as a result of a cholera epidemic. He was able to turn this hotel into a very successful commercial endeavor with his customary confidence and pure willpower. MS Oberoi, who created the second-largest hotel company in India, principally operating under the Oberoi Hotels and Resorts and Trident brands, employs more than 12,000 people worldwide and owns and operates 31 luxury hotels and luxury cruise ships in five countries. His first global business, The Soaltee Oberoi in Nepal, was launched by him in 1969. The group currently has properties in Melbourne, Bali, Colombo, Mauritius, Cairo, and Budapest, among other places.

The reason Mohan Singh Oberoi maintained climbing the success ladder was because he never stopped working hard. This was the key to his success. Mohan Singh Oberoi developed the Oberoi Group of hotels, which stands as a testament to his legacy of superior customer service and his role as the founder of the Indian hotel business. In acknowledgment of his services to the Crown, the British government bestowed the title of “Rai Bahadur” to Oberoi in 1943. He also won other awards before being given the Padma Bhushan in 2001. MS Oberoi said the world farewell in 2002.

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