The largest airline in India, both in terms of passenger volume and fleet size, is the low-cost carrier IndiGo. With a market share of over 55%, which has increased to over 60% as a result of Go First ceasing operations following the Pratt & Whitney fiasco, the airline expects to transport 100 million passengers in the calendar year ending in March 2024.

For comparison, the low-cost airline carried 86 million passengers in FY23, the most in India, with the bulk of them taking domestic flights. In addition to other achievements, IndiGo is the only airline from India to rank among the busiest airlines worldwide in terms of daily flights. The top 10 busiest airlines in the world are shown below:

Airlines with the most flights per day:

American Airlines (5,483)

4,629 for Delta Air Lines

4,213 for United Airlines

4,080 for Southwest Airlines

3.098 Ryanair

2,144 for China Eastern Airlines

2,052 for China Southern Airlines

1,853 IndiGo flights

1,819 for Turkish Airlines

1,586 for Beijing Airlines

According to a list created by the Twitter account World of Statistics, IndiGo is ranked eighth globally in terms of the number of daily active flights. The airline offers the most flights in India, an average of 1,819 every day. With 1,819 flights, the carrier barely beats out Turkish Airlines, and Beijing Airlines, with 1,586 flights, takes last place. In terms of the busiest airlines, American airlines occupy the top four positions.