Ajit Doval, the national security adviser for India, is currently in Oman on a day-long visit with the goal of fostering greater security and strategic cooperation between the two countries. Doval’s visit is a result of growing high-level interaction between India and Oman over the past few years, underscoring the importance of their alliance in West Asia. Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally transmitted a welcome message through an Indian NSA to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik.

Doval will meet with his Omani colleagues, the minister of the royal office, and the foreign minister during his visit. The discussions are anticipated to touch on a number of important topics, including as military, counterterrorism, and cooperation in marine security. Oman and India, two maritime neighbours with a shared Arabian Sea coast, have worked closely together to maintain security and stability throughout the Indian Ocean.

The 8th strategic discussion between the two nations took place in Delhi earlier this year under the direction of Major General Idris Abdulrahman Al-Kindi, the National Security Council Secretary General of Oman, and Vikram Misri, India’s Deputy National Security Adviser. The basis of confidence and collaboration between the two countries has been strengthened by these discussions.

Additionally, the development of the connection between India and Oman has been greatly aided by the expansion of their commercial links. With investments totaling more than US$7.5 billion, India has become one of the biggest foreign investors in Oman. The volume of commerce between two countries has significantly increased, surpassing 12 billion in 2022–2023.

The fact that India invited Oman to attend the G20 Summit and related events as a guest nation when it is holding the group’s current presidency speaks volumes about how important Oman is to India. A closer collaboration between the two countries is anticipated as a result of the meeting between the senior security officials from India and Oman, which is anticipated to produce major results in the face of changing regional and international challenges.

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