According to a survey by Invesco, India has already surpassed China as the most alluring emerging market for investment in emerging market debt.

India is becoming a more desirable investment destination for sovereign investors, according to a study by Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management, as a result of improvements in its economic and political stability, favourable demographics, and regulatory initiatives that are supportive of sovereign investors.

The Invesco report includes the perspectives and judgements of 57 central banks and 85 sovereign wealth institutions. According to the Invesco research, these organisations together manage assets worth almost $21 trillion.

As per the report, a development sovereign based in the Middle East said, “We don’t have enough exposure to India or China. However, India is a better story now in terms of business and political stability. Demographics are growing fast, and they also have interesting companies, good regulation initiatives, and a very friendly environment for sovereign investors.”

We don’t have enough exposure to China or India, according to a Middle Eastern development sovereign quoted in the report. India is currently a superior tale in terms of economic prosperity and political stability, though. In addition to having intriguing businesses, sound regulatory actions, and a welcoming climate for sovereign investors, the demographics are expanding quickly.

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