In today’s interconnected world, reliable and widespread communication infrastructure is essential for economic growth, social development, and technological advancement.

IHS Towers, a leading telecommunications infrastructure company, plays a crucial role in enabling connectivity and driving digital transformation across emerging markets.

Building and Expanding Mobile Networks:

  1. Tower Infrastructure: IHS Towers specializes in constructing, owning, and operating shared telecommunications infrastructure, including cell towers, rooftops, and other essential equipment. Their extensive tower portfolio enables mobile network operators to expand their coverage and deliver high-quality telecommunications services to previously underserved areas.
  2. Tower Sharing and Efficiency: IHS Towers promotes tower sharing among multiple network operators, facilitating cost-sharing and improving network efficiency. By reducing duplication of infrastructure, IHS Towers helps optimize resources and enables operators to focus on providing enhanced services and customer experiences.
  3. Rapid Deployment and Scalability: With their expertise in deploying and managing mobile network infrastructure, IHS Towers enables swift network rollouts in diverse and challenging environments. Their scalable solutions cater to the growing demands of mobile users, fostering digital inclusion and connectivity across regions.


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