The Scorpio, according to Mahindra, marked “a turning point” for the Mahindra Group. He had before claimed that it was the business’s first product to be really “Indian” in its engineering and design.


According to Mahindra, the Mahindra team’s dedication was a key factor in the Scorpio’s success. He claimed that with the Scorpio, the crew “took a lot of risks” and that they were “rewarded for their courage.”

On Twitter, a number of people responded well to Mahindra’s tweet. Mahindra received a lot of appreciation for his integrity and risk-taking propensity. The Scorpio, according to some, was a “great car” that “changed the Indian automobile market.”

“Thank you very much sir, no answer for you sir, we are all proud Indians to have great people like you among us, sir Anandmahindra,” a user said. The #Scorpio tale, which is nothing more than a start-up idea that came from a garage, serves as a source of motivation for those of us who began our careers at MahindraRise. I am so proud of what Mahindra has accomplished for the world. & a standing ovation for the spirit of Scorpio

An additional user added, “anandmahindra & GoenkaPk.” “Mahindra has played a fantastic role in the growth of Nashik. I ask @anandmahindra sir to take into account creating a Tech Mahindra office in Nashik and serve as a leader for other IT businesses Nashik wishes to expand.

“anandmahindra We appreciate you bringing this transformation to Delhi and India. SUVs are great. Eagerly anticipating M&M’s electric SUVs at this time, a user remarked.

In India, the Scorpio is still a well-liked SUV. Although it has undergone numerous updates throughout the years, the engineering and design remain the same.

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