On Monday night, an Icelandic volcano erupted. The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has reported that the volcano has been spewing “life-threatening toxic gas” since its eruption. As a result, Icelandic police have restricted access to the volcano.

The Iceland Meteorological Office recorded the eruption Friday night near Reykjavik. This is the third time in two years that lava has erupted in the area.

According to local media reports and videos, a big cloud of smoke is rising from the group, as well as a heavy flow of lava at the site. The volcano erupted around 30 km from Iceland’s capital.

“The eruption is taking place in a small depression just north of Litli Hrutur (‘Little Ram’ in Icelandic), from which smoke is escaping in a northwesterly direction,” the meteorological office reported.

After consulting with experts and the Met Office, the police decided to limit access to the eruption site as many residents began to gather to observe the eruption.

“Due to the low wind, it is highly likely that gas will accumulate around the eruption site over the next few hours.” Those who have already hiked to the eruption site or are already there are strongly encouraged to flee,” said an official statement released by the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

The eruption occurred after several days of severe seismic activity (residents reported a week of earthquakes). Scientists classify it as a fissure eruption, which normally does not result in huge explosions or a considerable amount of ash in the stratosphere.

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