The U.S. Coast Guard says that human remains may have been found in the submerged submersible that imploded during its exploration of the Titanic. St. John’s, Newfoundland has now received debris from the ship that was recovered from the ocean floor 12,000 feet beneath the North Atlantic’s surface.

In order to determine what caused the implosion that killed all five people aboard, it is necessary to examine the wreckage.”There is still a substantial amount of work to be done to understand the factors that led to the catastrophic loss of the Titan and help ensure a similar tragedy does not occur again,” Coast Guard Chief Capt. Jason Neubauer said in a statement released late Wednesday afternoon.

According to Neubauer, the “presumed human remains” would be transported to the United States for a formal analysis by medical experts.

He also said that a high-level probe into the implosion had been ordered by the Coast Guard. At a U.S. port, the Marine Board of Investigation will examine and test the evidence, including debris. The Coast Guard stated that the evidence will be presented by the board at an upcoming public hearing with an unknown date.



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