Many businesses often use WhatsApp Business API to send automated notifications and alerts to their customers. But it is a bit costly process for a startup company.

Now I will explain a good, easy and affordable procedure to make your existing WhatsApp Business account to WhatsApp API so that a company can link that API to their product to send automated alerts and notifications to their customers.


Step 1: Go to the Jido WhatsApp Panel – click here to go.

Step 2: Choose a Free trial and log in with those credentials.

Step 3: In the Dashboard click on create an instance and click on scan a QR code to connect your number just like WhatsApp web.

Step 4: After the number is linked successfully then navigate to API Keys in the top menu.

Step 5: Follow the API documentation to link your application to this Panel.

That’s it you can now send automated notifications and alerts to your customers with your business WhatsApp number.

If you want to take a subscription to this panel then contact them – click here to contact.

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