How to Deal with Emotions

1. Recognising that an emotion even exists is the first step in processing it. No denying here! To be able to absorb what you’re truly feeling, you need to be able to admit when you’re unhappy, furious, or grieving.

2. You must be able to sit with your emotion after you’ve recognised it. Although it’s difficult, becoming comfortable with unpleasant emotions is a necessary step towards comprehending your sentiments.

3. After that, you should try to identify the possible cause of your mood. Old triggers, unmet needs, boundary violations, established behavioural habits, self-judgement, or all of the above are common causes of unpleasant feelings in humans.

4. Now for the challenging part: deal with the emotion. Based on the information your emotion has given you, try to act in a healthy manner. Perhaps you need to set up a stronger barrier or put effort into achieving that requirement or aim.

Sometimes dealing with emotions requires defying your body’s or mind’s inclinations. Take a walk instead of going to bed if you want to avoid social interaction. It all comes down to how you behave.

The Best Way to Handle Unpacked Emotions

We’ve now established several helpful actions you can do to improve your ability to manage your emotions. But what if you’ve suppressed your feelings for a very long time, or if they’re so intense and unprocessed that you can’t even understand them? This is where a therapist’s assistance is needed.

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