Keeping your house clean and pest-free is one approach to establish a sanitary environment and avoid diseases. Lizards are one of the most common insects because they may go into every area of your house and live for free. Lizards are without a doubt the most frequent pest in Indian houses. Furthermore, simply seeing them might set off a chain reaction of frightening sensations. While ordinary house lizards are neither physically harmful or dangerous, they are pests that make cleanliness difficult.

Variety of simple and effective methods for getting rid of Lizards

1. Use pepper spray

If you don’t want to become a lizard killer, pepper spray is the best alternative. If you want to get rid of lizards at home, pepper spray should be at the top of your list. Spray a combination of water and black pepper in areas where you locate lizards. Lizards avoid regions where pepper spray is used because it is said to irritate them and create an allergic reaction. Red chilli powder, spicy sauce, or red chilli flakes can be used in place of the pepper spray. Spray it in a dark, empty room to get rid of lizards because it may hurt your eyes.

2. Place onions and garlic

Garlic and onions have an odour that harms the lizard’s senses and is an effective method of getting rid of them without killing them. Lizards are less likely to return to the same site as a result. Place a few onion slices or raw garlic cloves around your property to keep away lizards. If you don’t want to leave them out, put them in a plastic bottle with some water and use it as a home lizard repellent.

3. Use naphthalene balls

This is an effective method for getting rid of lizards in the house, but it should only be used in houses without pets or children, as naphthalene balls can be damaging to their health. Lizards avoid naphthalene balls because they can’t stand the pungent stench. Place the balls in kitchen cupboards, storage racks, and beneath the sink to repel lizards. It’s a good idea to keep them away from the food source.

4. Reduce room temperature

Lizards prefer warmer surroundings since they cannot control their body temperature and prefer to dwell in groups. They are rare and struggle to live in milder climates, and residents do not have to worry about how to kill lizards. Unfortunately, just opening windows isn’t enough to get rid of lizards in the house. The air conditioning system’s coolness will drive the lizards away. Lizards dislike chilly temperatures, so consider utilising coolers and air conditioners to cool the space. This is one of the most basic methods for keeping lizards away from your house.

5. Dispose unused food

Because lizards frequently enter homes in search of open leftover food, this is more of a preventative measure than a reaction to an existing issue. This is an easy approach for getting rid of lizards in your home. Spills and crumbs should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Deep clean your cabinets on a regular basis to catch any food that has fallen out, and wash your wet waste bins on a regular basis. This will keep lizards from entering your home.

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