Many of us using Ajio for shopping products to buy at lower prices. But many of us don’t know how to get a product at lower price or sale price by using coupon codes.

For example a product MRP is Rs.2495 and you will get this product for Rs.1372 in discount. But if you see just below the product you will find a box containing sale price by using coupons for example by using coupon it’s price is Rs.823. Here the problem is you have to shop for Rs.2490/Rs.2999/Rs.3000+…etc for apply coupon. If we need only one product pricing Rs.1372 for Rs.823[+ convenience fee} follow the steps.

  1. Add the product to cart that you want.
  2. Price of the product is 1372 but by using coupon ROAR [coupons may vary time to time least price of the product comes first] it comes for 872 but to apply the coupon you have to shop for Rs.2490   
  3. We want only one product @ coupon sale price 872. Then click on VIEW ALL PRODUCTS. and add any product pricing greater than/equal to the cost difference between the minimum price for the coupon applicable [2490] and our product price [1372] that is 1118.                                                   
  4. Now apply the coupon in cart.                                                                                                                             
  5. now place the order.
  6. now go to orders and cancel the product which you added extra by selecting any one of the reason. 
  7. now your product comes for lowest price + convenience fee[around Rs.15].                                             
  8. A video is given below for reference.

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