Dr. Marco Vietor and Paul Crusius founded hear.com with the aim that everyone should have the opportunity to hear better. Today, it is the fastest growing hearing aid company in the world.

After devoting almost a decade to helping people hear better, hear.com has now made major hearing aids brands like Signia easily available to everyone!

When Dr. Vietor asked Piyush Jain (CEO of hear.com India) to bring this technology to the Indian market, Piyush was hesitant at first: He knew that his own mother had a hearing loss but did not want to wear hearing aids, because she thought that they were too big, looked ugly and would make her look old.

To see if these hearing aids were as good as Dr. Vietor claimed, Piyush asked his mother to try one for herself. Not only did she experience an immediate improvement, she also noticed that nobody could tell she was wearing hearing aids!

“These hearing aids not only changed my mother’s life, but my entire family’s life, too!” says Piyush Jain.
“Every family gathering, every moment watching TV, every conversation became so easy. From the moment she started wearing the devices, my whole family became happier! While in the first few days, she faced a bit of discomfort, she gradually got used to it. After just 2-3 weeks, she didn’t want to take off her hearing aids anymore. And the best part: nobody can tell that she is wearing them!”

“When I realized how difficult it was to convince my mom to wear hearing aids and how much of a positive impact they would have on her life, I understood that these tiny hearing aids are worth every penny!”

In a short period, hear.com has established a countrywide presence. This means that the latest German hearing aids are now available to try across India.

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