In spite of widespread layoffs and unstable employment conditions in the Indian IT industry, Nandan Devadula, a Senior React JS Developer with HCL Technologies, pulled off an amazing achievement by receiving a staggering 344% pay rise.

This achievement is even more remarkable in light of the massive employment cutbacks that the sector saw this year; by the end of March 2023, almost 2 lakh tech workers had lost their jobs as a result of a series of widespread layoffs.


I was aware that I had to go above and beyond to differentiate my resume given the fierce competition in the IT sector, says Devadula.

He chose a reputed upskilling programme with Great Learning that offered flexibility and enabled him to upgrade his abilities in cutting-edge technologies after identifying the most in-demand talents.

In addition to giving him the confidence to perform better in interviews and haggle for higher pay, this offered him the abilities he needed to flourish in his selected industry and improved the appeal of his CV to companies.

“I learned that upskilling is not only a tool to differentiate oneself in the market, but also a means to stay relevant in an evolving and highly competitive tech industry,” he says.


Building a focused portfolio that highlighted his abilities, successes, and practical problem-solving expertise was Nandan Devadula’s main focus. This strategy displayed his technical expertise as well as his capacity for producing outcomes.

Instead of sending out your CV to recruiters in bulk, he advises professionals pursuing career progression in the IT sector to concentrate on developing a focused portfolio that highlights their abilities, accomplishments, and projects for specific organisations.


The problems of upskilling while working a 9–5 job include time management and scheduling.

Devadula overcame these challenges by selecting an employee-friendly upskilling programme, nevertheless. The course included flexible learning methods, such as on-demand, self-paced study and mentor help on the weekends.

“I used my weekends to learn and participate in practical labs to the fullest extent, but it never felt tedious because I genuinely enjoyed learning new things,” he adds.


Devadula advises professionals seeking significant salary hikes to identify where the demand lies for their skills and accomplishments.

Your current set of skills may not be in high demand within your current company, but they could be highly sought after in other organisations. It is important to identify where the demand lies,” he explains.

“If you possess exceptional skills and have a track record of accomplishments, in addition to certifications and a robust portfolio, you will always be a strong candidate for higher hike at another firm,” he adds.

It’s essential to continuously assess one’s worth and the market demand for skills, considering joining smaller companies to gain experience or upskilling to gain a competitive edge.

Seeking feedback from friends and colleagues can also provide valuable insights, he says.

In a competitive job market, Nandan Devadula’s story serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the potential rewards of upskilling and investing in one’s education.

By staying relevant, building a strong portfolio, and continuously evaluating market demand, professionals can position themselves for remarkable career advancements and substantial salary hikes.

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