A game-changer is the introduction of Threads, a social media app that will compete with Twitter.
In advance of schedule, Meta, which also owns Facebook and Instagram, debuted the new platform yesterday. Nearly immediately, Threads was warmly received, especially by the crowds of Twitter users who have watched in horror as their beloved platform falls under Elon Musk.

Over 30 million people used Threads in less than 24 hours. Additionally, Threads’ user base will expand quickly because Meta already has more than two billion Instagram users who can easily link their profiles to it.

Twitter users watched helplessly in October of last year when Elon Musk was appointed CEO. The first “escape plan” was Mastodon. However, because each decentralised server had wildly varied community dynamics and content policies, many users found it challenging and confusing to use.

Many Twitter users made “back up” Mastodon accounts in case Twitter went down while they awaited Elon Musk’s next move. The wait was brief. As Musk began firing employees from Twitter (he has now fired nearly 80% of Twitter’s original personnel), platform instability and outages became frequent.

Shortly after, Musk shocked users and garnered media attention by dismantling Twitter’s verification system and making “blue tick” holders pay for the right to authenticate. This opened the door for account impersonations and the sharing of misinformation at scale. Some large corporate brands left the platform, taking their advertising dollars with them.

Musk, on the other hand, won’t go down without a fight. A few hours after the publication of Threads, Twitter’s attorney Alex Spiro issued a letter in which he charged Meta with “systematic” and “illegal misappropriation” of trade secrets.

According to the letter, Meta hired former Twitter employees who were “deliberately assigned” to “develop Meta’s copycat ‘Threads’ app in a matter of months.” Reports indicate that Meta has denied these assertions, but the conflict between the two businesses appears to be far from resolved.

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