6 Types of Tea Leaves and Their Steep Times

1. Loose Tea/Powdered Tea

Let’s start with the most common version, which can be found in practically every home. It’s loose powdered tea, packaged and sold by various brands. This variant is typically used to make masala chai and derives its tastes from the items that are added to it. Powdered tea (also known as CTC tea) should not be steeped; instead, boil it thoroughly in water or milk to extract the aroma and colour. Then add masala and other desired ingredients and serve.

2. Black Tea

To put it simply, it is tea that has been brewed without the addition of milk. There are various grades of black tea, with the best being single leaf first flush cultivated at high altitude. This leaf should never be immersed in boiling water. Instead, turn off the heat, wait a minute for the water to cool, and then add your tea leaves. Allow it to sit for four to five minutes before straining. Always keep in mind that the lower the temperature of the water, the more sensitive the tea leaves. It contributes to the tea’s aroma.

3. Green Tea

While the procedure of brewing green tea is consistent, the time spent steeping the leaves differs. If you are employing  loose green tea, steep it for two minutes and for the ones who go for tea bags, infuse it for three-four minutes.

4. Herbal Tea

There is no need to filter herbal tea or decaffeinated tea. Simply place the dried flower leaves in a cup of hot water, wait six to seven minutes, and drink. These leaves can be steeped for up to 15 minutes at a time. This enhances the aroma and allows the essential oils from the flower to pour out.

5. Oolong Tea

Never make oolong tea in boiling water. It should ideally be boiled to slightly below boiling point before infusing the leaves for five to six minutes.

6. White Tea

A good quality white tea should be steeped in water that is 160°F. It is a delicate tea prepared from buds and leaves picked in the spring. For those who prefer their tea light, steep the leaves for no more than two minutes, and for those who prefer their tea with body, steep for one minute longer before straining.

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