When a cab dropped off Bhavish Aggarwal in the middle of the trip, he was still a college student. He was miserable and irate as he stood by the side of the road. Nevertheless, he chose to do something rather than give up. He founded Ola Cabs, a business with a current market cap of $7.3 billion, to provide ride-hailing services in India and other nations.

Story Behind Ola Cabs

This is the account of a man who, in 2011 in Mumbai, co-founded Ola Cabs with Ankit Bhati. Bhavish Aggarwal, one of the most successful businessmen in India, is presently the co-founder and CEO of Ola Cabs and Ola Electric. The 37-year-old, who is of Punjabi ancestry, started his career in May 2007 with a Microsoft internship. He later worked as an assistant researcher at the IT giant from July 2008 until July 2010. He submitted three papers to foreign journals during this time.


Personal Journey Of Bhavish

After working for Microsoft for two years, Bhavish co-founded Ola Cabs with Ankit Bhati in Mumbai in 2011. Aggarwal got the idea for a taxi firm after having a bad taxi experience while commuting from Bangalore to Bandipur.

According to reports, Bhavish Aggarwal was requested to pay a fee that was higher than what the driver had first agreed to. After the dispute, the driver ultimately abandoned him on the highway. In terms of his personal life, he started dating Rajalakshmi in 2007. They subsequently got married. According to the article, Rajalakshmi has been in charge of all Ola Foundation efforts since December 2016.

About Ola Cabs

Ola, India’s first cab aggregator business, makes it simple to order a cab. The business is owned by ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In December 2010, two IIT Bombay alums created Ola, formerly known as OlaCabs. Cab drivers and commuters are connected by the Ola service.

Instead of purchasing and leasing its own vehicles, Ola collaborates with taxi drivers and owners, giving the process a contemporary twist. Using the Ola app, users may quickly book taxis. In India (as of 2014), the market share of the Ola ride-hailing app is close to 60%. It employs 15 million drivers and serves customers in 100 cities across India, as per Icaninfotech.

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