KAKINADA: The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade has announced issuance of the Geographical Indication tag to “Atreyapuram Pootharekulu.”

The tag was allotted after Sir Arthur Cotton Pootharekula Sahakara Sangham, a cooperative society, applied for securing a GI tag for the Pootharekulu sweet.

The department put up the GI tag proposal in the GI journal on February 13 and invited objections for it. No objections had been received till the midnight of June 13.

The society then announced that Atreyapuram Pootharekulu have got GI tag.

Andhra Pradesh – Atreyapuram Pootharekulu 

The melt-in-mouth Pootharekulu is originally made from rice or gram flour, and it is coated by sugar/jaggery and ghee. The people living in Atreyapuram are skilled in making this sweet.

Making Pootharekulu requires deftness of hands. The process of making the Pootharekulu has a involvement of hands from end to end process due to it’s delicate nature of  rice layer. Unfortunately, preparing it does not guarantee enough income, and it has not been able to spread beyond the geographical boundaries of its place of origin. Hence, it is a dying art nowadays.

Every year, a large number of humble dwellers in Atreyapuram prepare hundreds of Pootharekulu to be sent for sale in Indian towns and cities as well as abroad. The Andhra Pootharekulu creates it’s own demand as a top most liked sweet. Another unique confectionery item made in this province is Maamidi Thandra or mango jelly.

This mouth-watering treat noted for its crispiness is quite addictive by nature. The fact that people do not mind spending money on it proves how much loved it is in Andhra Pradesh.

Pootharekulu-making is one of the largest cottage industries in India. The trade of making and selling Pootharekulu is believed to be going on for three generations now. The fact that it can be produced at a lower cost and then sold for export at a justifiable price has been a great support for income generation among the class of workers.

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