The Hinduja Group, a conglomerate with a rich legacy dating back over a century, has made significant contributions to various sectors across the globe.

With a diverse portfolio of businesses and investments, the group has established a strong foothold in sectors such as automotive, banking and finance, energy, media, and healthcare.

Shareholding Structure:

The Hinduja Group is a privately-held conglomerate, primarily owned by the Hinduja family. The group’s shareholding is dispersed among several family members, with each contributing their expertise and vision to different businesses.

The collective ownership ensures continuity, stability, and a long-term perspective in the group’s operations.

Key Business Ventures:

  1. Automotive: The Hinduja Group has a significant presence in the automotive sector through companies like Ashok Leyland and Hinduja Automotive.
  2. Banking and Finance: Hinduja Group’s banking and finance arm includes IndusInd Bank, an Indian multinational bank with a wide range of financial services. IndusInd Bank has established itself as a trusted institution, offering banking solutions to individuals, businesses, and corporate clients.
  3. Energy: The Hinduja Group has interests in the energy sector through companies like Hinduja National Power Corporation Ltd. (HNPCL). HNPCL focuses on thermal power generation and has made significant contributions to India’s power infrastructure.