In an unsavoury incident for England head coach Brendon McCullum, he was denied entry into Headingley as he did not have a pass.

As per a report published in a newspaper from England “Brendon McCullum, the head coach of the England cricket team, found himself in the tricky position of being refused entry to Headingley before the opening day of the third Ashes Test because he did not have the correct pass.”

The report stated that the security guard failed to recognise McCullum who eventually lost patience and bypassed him.

“The security guard on duty did not recognise McCullum, who tried to argue the toss while the person accompanying the New Zealander pointed out that it was fairly critical to the England team’s chances that he was allowed through. There was a short impasse while the guard tried to radio through a superior for advice, and eventually McCullum lost patience and walked through, saying: ‘You’ll just have to deal with it,” the report added.

Notably, England are Trailing 0-2 in the five-match Ashes Test series against Australia.

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