Though the film doesn’t focus much on the game, Mahesh Babu’s Kabaddi game in ‘Okkadu’ is extremely popular. However, filmmaker Gunasekhar made fantastic use of the sport in the film, and all of the sequences are still vivid in Mahesh fans’ minds. And now for something intriguing.

Director Trivikram is claimed to have crafted a chaotic Kabaddi combat sequence in the first-ever schedule of “Guntur Kaaram” back in January of this year. That sequence was placed on hold for unexplained reasons, and they have recently shot the same scene with some changes, which may be heard. According to reports, this action block would be a treat for fans and action-film fanatics, and it will include  Trivikram’s trademark style, comic touch and intensity too.

Trivikram is currently filming a few more action sequences for Guntur Kaaram in Hyderabad at various locations. It appears like Mahesh and the rest of the movie’s primary cast will be available for the film on a continuous basis, which means that the majority of the filming will be completed shortly.

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