Google is a place where lots of people dream of working, but it’s not simple to get a job there. A former Google executive who worked at the recruiting division of the company has shared some crucial tips for the candidates that can get them a job in Google.

Google jobs are super tough to get because they get more than two million people applying every year. That’s even harder than getting into Harvard! So, if you want to impress the recruiters and have a chance at your dream job, you need to be careful with your resume.

As per Business Insider report, Nolan Church, who worked as a Google recruiter from 2012 to 2015, says there are two big mistakes to avoid in your resume that block your chances of getting a job in the company. The first one is something he calls “brick texts.” It means writing long paragraphs with lots of words but not much sense. If your resume looks like this, he says there is no way you will move forward in the hiring process.

The second important thing is to be concise. That means you need to express yourself clearly and briefly. If you can’t do that on your resume, it shows that you might struggle to communicate effectively in the workplace.To help with these issues, Church suggests using AI tools like ChatGPT or Grammarly. These tools can clean up your resume and make it more presentable.

Google recently laid off 12,000 employees to save money. This means they might be even pickier in the hiring process and take on fewer new recruits. So, it’s essential to make your resume stand out and avoid common mistakes.

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