Certain businesses go to extraordinary lengths to compensate their engineers, and IT jobs have lengthy been regarded for his or her hefty wages. The awesome pay programs Google personnel obtained in 2022 are found out by way of lately launched company statistics that was examined through Business Insider. In that year, the common total income for Google personnel became $2,79,802 (approximately Rs 2.30 crore).


Google, the tech giant is said to be paying a heft salary to its employees as all of us realize. Unsurprisingly, Google’s highest-paid employees are software engineers, who earn a maximum base pay of $7,18,000 in 2022. An internal Google file that changed into distributed among personnel individuals had facts from over 12,000 US employees in a number of jobs, including software engineers, enterprise analysts, and salespeople.


It’s critical to note that all of the pinnacle 10 highest-paying positions spanning engineering, enterprise, and income at Google earned base incomes properly into six figures, even though software engineers held the top slot for base profits, maximum equity, and bonuses.

According to the leaked spreadsheet, right here’s a list of positions with the very best base salary at Google in 2022:

Software Engineer- ₹5.90 crore (approx)
Engineering Manager- ₹three.28 crore
Enterprise Direct Sales- ₹3.09 crore
Legal Corporate Counsel- ₹2.Sixty two crore
Sales Strategy – ₹2.62 crore
UX Designer- ₹2.58 crore
Government Affairs and Public Policy- ₹2.56 crore
Research Scientist- ₹2.Fifty three crore
Cloud Sales- ₹2.47 crore
Program Manager- ₹2.Forty six crore

The statistics is constrained to full-time employees in the United States and does not consist of remuneration from Alphabet’s Other Bets ventures, like Waymo and Verily. Also, no longer all personnel disclosed information about their stocks and bonuses.

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