A resident of Greater Noida’s Panchsheel Hynish Society fell for a WhatsApp message trap, losing more than Rs 13 lakh as a result. She got a message offering her a job where she could view, like, and subscribe to YouTube videos in exchange for money.

Kartika got in touch with the con artists using a Telegram handle since the assignment seemed intriguing and they offered her daily rewards of between Rs 50 and Rs 5,000 in exchange for her participation.

Kartika’s account was initially credited with Rs 150 by the con artists as payment for liking and subscribing to videos on YouTube. The apparent legal payouts encouraged her to keep working on the jobs.

They later convinced her to make an investment on a phony Nasdaq website by promising bigger returns. The con artists allegedly returned Rs 3,150 as profit the same day after taking an initial investment of Rs 2,000.

Kartika was duped by the scammers into sending them enormous sums of money (Rs 5,000, Rs 30,000, and Rs 90,000) by a succession of required tasks. The con artists stated that Kartika had failed a third job and added new transactions when she questioned why she hadn’t received any rewards on her investments.

As the cost of these transactions increased, Kartika continued to transfer money in the hopes of getting her money back.

At one point, the fraudsters demanded an additional Rs 5,20,000 as a tax amount. It was then that the couple finally understood they had been duped and decided to lodge a complaint with the police. However, attempts to withdraw money from the fake Nasdaq website were futile.

The police have registered a case of cheating and personation against the unknown perpetrators under Section 66D of the Information Technology (Amendments) Act, 2008. This unfortunate incident highlights the importance of being cautious about online offers and not falling prey to such scams that can lead to significant financial losses.