In the recent past, we have seen several instances of high prices of food and drinks leaving people quite shocked. This is especially the case for movie halls, wherein prices of popcorn and drinks often exceed even the cost of the movie ticket. Recently, a Twitter user named Tridip K Mandal pointed out that a single box of regular popcorn and cola drink set him back by Rs 820 at the PVR Cinemas outlet in Noida. And now, PVR Cinemas took cognizance of this and tweeted that they are launching new offers that will be easy on the pocket of their loyal cinemagoers.


The official Twitter handle of PVR Cinemas replied to the viral tweet by Mandal and announced their new food and drink offers at affordable prices. PVR said that on weekdays, they would give out food items like burgers, samosa and sandwiches at a cost of just Rs 99. Meanwhile, on the weekends, PVR would offer bottomless drinks and popcorn with unlimited refills. “We at PVR believe that every opinion matters and it must be respected. We have this update for you and for every moviegoer in India,” they wrote in the tweet.

The tweet by PVR Cinemas has got 836k views and 2.3k likes since the time it was posted. A flurry of reactions poured into the post by the movie chain. Meanwhile, the Twitter user who had posted the original tweet reacted to the story. “I am glad that PVR Cinemas took my tweet sportingly and acted on it. This is a good move; see you at the movies,” he wrote. Trade analyst and film critic Taran Adarsh too responded, “A step in the right direction!”.