Avideo of a man caught in a compromising role with two girls has been widely shared on social media. The video indicates a 1/2-naked man and two nearly-naked women being interrogated via human beings on digicam.

Those recording the video can be seen misbehaving with the women.

Those sharing the video alleged that the man in the video became Nirmal Singh Ji, additionally referred to as “Guruji”, an Indian spiritual chief who died in 2007. The archived model of 1 such allegation may be visible right here.

India Today’s investigation determined that the person in the viral video is Pallegama Sumana Thero, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka.


Reverse looking keyframes from the viral video led us to some of Facebook posts in the Sinhala language, the legit language of Sri Lanka. This hinted that the video may be from or related to Sri Lanka.

A keyword seek led us to a report from July eight published in Asian Mirror, a virtual information platform primarily based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Per this report, this video is from the Bomiriya Rassapana area of Navagamuwa in Sri Lanka.

Per the report, 4 humans have been arrested on charges of assaulting a monk named Pallegama Sumana Thero and the two girls.

The suspects have been reportedly arrested after the incident but they have been in the end released as Sumana Thero withdrew his grievance.

The document brought that the suspects claimed that they visited the house after receiving facts that Sumana Thero become undertaking beside the point behaviour with the 2 ladies.

Several Sri Lankan information outlets just like the Newswire and the Sri Lanka Mirror stated this incident. Several Sinhala language news web sites also published reports about this.

India Today contacted Sandun Arosha, the top of the Counter Disinformation Unit on the President’s workplace in Sri Lanka to in addition affirm this. He too showed that the incident visible within the viral video certainly took place in Sri Lanka’s Nawagamuva neighbourhood lately.

This proved that the person inside the video couldn’t had been Nirmal Singh Ji, who died in 2007.

India Today’s correspondent Amardeep Kumar visited Guruji’s ashram, also called “Bada Mandir”, in Chattarpur, Delhi.

He spoke to Aniket Mehendiratta, a member of the ashram’s control committee, who stated: “This video has not anything to do with Guruji. It looks as if a few humans are trying to harm the religious sentiments of his fans. The prison group of the ashram will take movement towards the people who are spreading this hearsay.”

Thus, it’s clear that a video from Sri Lanka is being shared with baseless claims about an Indian spiritual chief.

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