In October of last year, Elon Musk became the new owner of the social media platform Twitter. And he has made a number of adjustments to the platform since then. Some of these include the termination of top Twitter executives, the layoff of hundreds of staff, and the development of a variety of revenue-boosting features.

Now, the billionaire has asked users on the microblogging site if the application’s default hue should be changed from white to black.
On Sunday morning (India time), Mr Musk added a poll to his post, asking users to “Change default platform colour to black” and giving them two emoji options: black and white heart emoji.

Within an hour, the poll collected 2.24 lakh votes, or 76.3 percent of people in favour of the change of colour and 23.8 per cent against it. In another tweet, Mr Musk wrote, “This is important”.

The poll received 1.3 million views and 10,000 likes.

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