The world’s wealthiest man was the featured speaker at the most recent Viva innovation, a European innovation conference in Paris, where he said some of his most motivational things.

Elon Musk aspires to make a lasting impression on the world.

The millionaire hopes to be remembered as one of history’s most important innovators. The serial entrepreneur has worldwide fame.

Last year, he rose to the position of worldwide CEO, earning the admiration of millions who consider him to be brilliant. He also gave many communities a window of freedom with Star link, a satellite internet access service created by one of his five businesses, SpaceX.

Nevertheless, Musk continues to be a contentious figure in the US. He is criticised as an erratic billionaire, and progressives as a whole have many of them. His defenders of free speech, for instance, are mocked by his detractors who are perplexed because he doesn’t hesitate frequently to remove from Twitter anyone who dare to criticise him despite claiming to be against censorship.

The accounts of Plain Site, a website that provides users with free access to state and federal court filings as well as other public information, and its creator Aaron Greenspan were suspended on June 14 by Twitter, which Musk has controlled since October. This individual is a fervent critic of Elon Musk and Tesla (TSLA). Crown jewel is the manufacturer of electric vehicles.

‘Light of Consciousness’

The billionaire’s detractors claim that this most recent ban proves he does not tolerate contradiction. They come to the conclusion that he has a tendency towards autocracy and dictatorship.

These setbacks haven’t diminished Musk’s rising renown in the least, as seen by his recent trip to Europe, when he was greeted as a hero everywhere he visited (Italy, France), demonstrating that his fame is just growing. The software tycoon seized the chance to address the globe with a salient message.

With this message, Musk hopes to uplift and encourage individuals all across the world to be optimistic and ambitious. There are two sections to the message. Despite beliefs regarding alien life, the entrepreneur urges people to broaden the scope of human cognition because they are the only species in the cosmos.

“People do ask me if I’ve seen UFOs, aliens, and other things of that nature. On June 16 at Viva Tech, Musk remarked, “And I haven’t, and I think I would have seen them by now. Therefore, it seems that we may be the only aware beings in this galaxy at least.

If so, that’s kind of a terrifying thought since it implies that awareness is only a small flame amid a sea of darkness. And we ought to do every effort to keep that flame burning.

Musk, who has previously committed to a sustainable energy economy, stated that maintaining that candle is about preserving the environment. He also advocates for conquering other worlds in order to expand the reach of humankind.

The billionaire explained that “that means, obviously, taking the actions to ensure that Earth is good; that Earth is safe and secure for civilization,” adding that “it also means extending life beyond Earth to other planets in the solar system and, ultimately, to other star systems.” And both, in my opinion, serve as a type of defence of awareness light.

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