Tesla’s EV charging connection, the plug that links an electric car to a charging station, has just been adopted by Ford and GM.

Elon Musk is not entirely content.

The millionaire CEO of Tesla has received the acclaim for which he has been yearning for years. that Tesla is now at the forefront and in charge of the automotive industry, as acknowledged by the big American automakers.

FordĀ  Get Free Report and General Motors (GM) – Get Free Report, the two major Detroit’s Big Three companies, believed they could continue to be in charge despite Tesla’s great market worth, which amply demonstrated a shift in power. The two traditional automakers have finally acknowledged that the disruptor is now the benchmark when it comes to electric vehicles, albeit, 20 years after the company that makes them was founded.

Two ground-breaking agreements were the result of this acknowledgement. The Tesla supercharger network, which has over 17,000 stations spread across the United States and is the biggest network of charging stations in the nation, will be available to customers of the two legacy automakers beginning in 2024 for the purpose of recharging the batteries of their electric vehicles. However, just 12,000 superchargers will be available to GM and Ford consumers.

Supercharger and EV Connectors

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