Ford seems unconcerned by the market debut of Tesla’s first pickup truck, the Cybertruck.

Fans of industrial warfare were let down when Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, flaunted their friendship last month during a live audio event on Twitter Spaces to announce an unprecedented partnership between their two firms.

At the time, they believed that Tesla would ultimately prevail in their conflict with the storied heritage carmaker. One could have deduced at the time that Ford – Get Free Report was giving up and letting Tesla and Musk take the throne as the global leader in electric automobiles.

Ford and GM both agreed to use Tesla’s charging connection, which links the electric car to the charging station, a few days later. The only item owners of Blue Oval EVs will need to buy is an adaptor, which will run them about $100. This was a significant victory for Tesla and Musk since it not only gave them a new source of income, but it also meant that their EV charging outlet will soon become the norm in North America.

‘Silicon Valley People’

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