A Dog is domesticated pet, that anyone can have a right to own a dog at their living home. Even their were many benefits of owning a dog at living places. Dogs comes under the Mammals category they can give birth to their puppies directly and able to feed the new born puppies by producing the milk.  

Generally, we all know that, Dog shows unconditional love towards his owner. Because of their nature, they can trust and show their Loyality to the person who takes care of them. Even a person feeds a dogs once at time, The dog will replicate their love towards that person.


By providing the good food and correct training they will do any tasks well which helps the human beings alot even in a crucial moments. And Dogs can play a crucial role in some day the tasks. So by providing the best training to the dogs they are using in different investigating purpose by sensing the smell, so that they are very helpful in finding the thief and searching the traps like granites and bombs..etc which will safe the innocence life from the danger 

Basically, The average life span of the dog is 10 to 15 years and Many people are very much interested in growing the dog’s at their homes. Since there are various varities of breeds available in the dogs. Some of the breeds were choosen to grow based their speciality in particular area to serve. The owners are very proactive in vaccinating their dogs instead avoiding the infection or harm from the domesticated dogs via bites or nail scratches.

Dogs can sacrifice their lives, when there is a situation to save their owner. Mostly proactive for new people and had a good smell sensing so that recognises easily. Care must be taken to a dog healthy and get good appearance. 


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