As we all know that Kurkure is a famous snack produced by PepsiCo. It is the favorite snack for many kids from the late 90s to till date. There are many viral videos on the internet proving that Kurkure contains plastic in it.

They are proving it by a simple experiment in which they lit up the Kurkure with a flame and showed that Kurkure is burning therefore concluding that it contains plastic.

But is it real? Does it really contain plastic? The answer is “NO”.

When you light up a Kurkure, the Starch and Edible oils in the Kurkure will burn together and produce a flame. Every material which contains Starch may burn.

You can try a simple experiment to understand this. Take a material that contains Starch. Example Corn Flour. Try to light up that material, and you will get the same result as the Kurkure experiment.

So, the statement that Kurkure contains Plastic is false.

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