Adipurush received a lot of criticism for many reasons. The film became the target of trolls due to its production, conversations, presentations, characters, and even VFX work. The creators of the Adipurush film have just been slammed by an Allahabad court.

The Allahabad High Court rediculed the Adipurush film and its directors for portraying the country’s religious sensibilities incorrectly. The court appointed co-writer Manoj Muntashir Shukla a party in the lawsuit and issued him a notice to answer within a week.

This hearing was about the petition demanding a ban on Adipurush, while the makers are claiming it to be a mythological action film based on the Hindu epic Ramayana.

‘The nature of dialogues in the film is a big issue. Ramayana is a paragon for us. People read Ramcharitmanas before leaving home. If we close our eyes on this issue too, because it is said that the people of this religion are very tolerant, will it be put to test as well?’, the court asked.

The court questioned the censor board about what it was doing about the phrases and situations, referring to it as a “very serious matter.” The judge was enraged by the disclaimer in the film and demanded, “Do the people who put the disclaimer consider our countrymen and youth to be brainless? You display Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, Lord Hanuman, Ravana, and Lanka and then claim that it is not the Ramayana?”

‘Be happy nobody vandalised it, we noticed on the news that people rushed to the theatres and they only forced to shut down the film,’ the court added in a shocking statement.

The hearing in court will resume tomorrow.

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