Are ghosts real? 💀 Well, you’re not the only one who thinks that ghosts exist. Worldwide, there is a belief in spirits that continue to exist after death in other worlds. In fact, among paranormal phenomena, ghosts are among the most frequently accepted. Numerous people are fascinated by ghosts.
Some people think it’s impossible for spirits to appear in front of people, while others think it happens frequently in people’s lives. Over time, a great deal of evidence mostly eyewitness accounts has been created to support the existence of ghosts. 
Occasionally when snapping a picture, people find someone in the picture who is no longer alive. A great example of this occurred on November 19, 1995. Wem Town Hall in England caught fire on this day. Tony O’Rahilly thought of clicking a few pictures while the firefighters controlled the fire. He saw a distinct image of a young girl standing in the fire in one of the photos he had taken. Neither a young girl was present in the building nor was anyone at the fire scene able to recall one. She was believed to be a girl named Jane and she passed away in that town’s devastating fire in 1677. Many people believed that it was the spirit of that young girl standing in the fire!
So at the end of the day, it’s up to you whether to believe ghosts or not! But what if ghosts are real and we just do not have the equipment to detect them?

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