Hindu scriptures state that Lord Krishna lived 5249 years ago, thus it is amazing to learn that his heart is still present in Puri. One of the “Chardhams”, the Jagannath Temple, is located in Puri, Odisha. It is devoted to Jagannath (the lord of the universe), Balabhadra, and their sister Subhadra.

An unusual occurrence takes place in Puri’s Jagannath Temple every 12 years that causes all historians to stop what they’re doing and ponder what’s going on in this tiny Indian village.

According to Uttam Panday, a resident of Puri, electricity is shut down not only in the temple area but in the entire town of Puri. Although it is rumored that Lord Krishna’s heart was taken from the centre of the Jagannath temple and placed in another idol, this does not imply that Krishna’s heart is still physically present in Puri’s Jagannath temple, where it has been for more than 5000 years and is still in its original state.

It is rumored to be an old mechanism, and the locals claim that it has the ability to generate power. They claim that when exposed to light – not just sunshine, but any kind of light – it begins to vibrate, which is why electricity is turned off.

To prevent them from catching a glimpse of the heart, anyone who touched it had to put on thick, heavy gloves and blindfolds. All of this is true, albeit it seems quite strange. But first, it’s crucial to understand how Krishna passed away.

Although many people today are unaware of this fact, sources of ancient legends unequivocally state that Krishna was killed by a hunter in a jungle around 3102 BC or roughly 5000 years ago. Since the hunter was attempting to shoot a deer, this was an accident. Krishna’s body was ritually burned when it was incinerated by the hunter, but even though it was burned, Krishna’s heart did not burn at all; instead, it appeared to be a solid piece of metal with no damage since, as we all know, Krishna was a superhuman god.

The hunter attempted to burn the heart but was unsuccessful; instead, it began to vibrate. He repeatedly failed to sell it, so he gave up and placed the heart on a piece of wood before throwing it into a river. Later, it was picked up in the ancient city of Puri. When the ruler of Puri learned that it was Lord Krishna’s heart, he took a decision to create an idol and embed his heart within it. This idol is the Puri version of Jagannath, and it contains a piece of Krishna’s heart. The name “Bhrama Padartha” which means “divine material,” is given to this heart.

The principal idols in Hindu temples are typically made of stone or metal, but this statue is made of wood because wood conducts electricity feebly and it is thought that Krishna’s heart may still electrocute you. The heart is preserved inside the statue in a fist-shaped chamber, and the priest is required to replace the idol every 12 years because the heart gradually erodes the statue’s wood and weakens it. There is no reliable evidence regarding Krishna’s heart; all of the information comes from villagers, temple authorities, and the Internet. This temple is shrouded in numerous mysteries and holds many unknown secrets.

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