On a fateful day, a natural disaster shook the vibrant city of Delhi, reminding us of the unpredictability and power of Mother Nature.

The Delhi Earthquake left residents startled and raised questions about the region’s vulnerability to seismic activity.

The Delhi Earthquake:

Impact on Infrastructure and Communities:

The seismic event had varying impacts on different areas of Delhi. Buildings experienced structural damage, with some collapsing entirely, leading to loss of life and injuries.

Infrastructural elements like roads, bridges, and utilities were also affected, causing disruptions to daily life.

The earthquake sent shock waves through communities, leaving residents traumatized and displaced.

Response and Relief Efforts:

In the aftermath of the Delhi Earthquake, emergency response teams and government agencies swiftly mobilized to provide assistance.

Search and rescue operations were conducted to locate survivors trapped under debris.

Medical aid, temporary shelters, and basic necessities were provided to affected individuals. NGOs and volunteers played a crucial role in supporting relief efforts and assisting those in need.

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