Deepika-Ranveer, Ram Charan Appear Together In A Video. ‘Please Don’t Be An Ad,’ the Internet says.
Ram Charan, Deepika Padukone, Trisha, and Ranveer Singh are unquestionably four of the top celebrities in the nation. Watching the stars in the same frame can only be a dream, but it seems as though the wish may have been granted.

Yes, Deepika Padukone can be heard stating, “Mere husband kal raat se gayab hai [My husband is missing since last night],” at the beginning of a video that Ranveer Singh posted on Instagram on Sunday.

The video then cuts to Ranveer Singh talking to Chellam Sir from The Family Man on a hands-free device.He says, “Sir, target found.” The video cuts to Chellam Sir saying, “Agent, go, go, go.” Then we see RRR star Ram Charan chasing a man through busy by-lanes and Trisha standing in a police station with an expression of fear and concern.

Ranveer Singh pushes a man against a wall towards the end of the clip while yelling “Bol [Speak].”
Additionally, the video includes the text, “Some secrets should remain secrets. Some questions are best left unanswered. Some mysteries are better left unsolved. Coming soon.”
Unveil the Secret! is what Ranveer Singh wrote as the caption for the video.

#Showmethesecret, along with the handle @showme.the.secret, were added to the page’s tags. We are sorry to say that the actor deleted the hashtag #collab from the end of the text, indicating that the video may actually be an advertisement rather than the trailer for a movie.

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