Three railway employees were detained by the CBI on Friday in connection with the Coromandel train disaster that left 292 persons dead in Odisha.

They have been identified as senior sectional engineer Arun Kumar Mahanta, section engineer Mhd Amir Khan, and technician Pappu Kumar.

They are accused of violating IPC sections 201 (providing false information to the police or causing the removal of evidence of a crime) and 304 (culpable homicide that does not amount to murder).

According to earlier this month’s news, the Coromandel Express crash on June 2 near Balasore may have been prevented if previous warnings hadn’t been disregarded, according to the Commission of Railway Safety’s inquiry. The erroneous labelling of the wires within the level-crossing location box had gone unnoticed for years, causing a mix-up during maintenance work.

The signalling and operations (traffic) divisions were jointly to blame for the disaster, according to the investigation.

According to sources at the Railway Board, The Indian Express, the investigation determined that the signalling maintainer submitted a “reconnection memo” after the maintenance was completed, indicating that the electronic interlocking signalling system was operational. However, sources said that the safety procedure of verifying the signalling system before permitting a train to pass was not adhered to.

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