In present day scenarios, water purifier is also be a part of one of the household appliances. Everyone aims to drink the purified and germ free water only. So the people were more interested in installation of water purifier at homes. It would be helpful for them in various ways.

The complete flow for the purification of water will discuss here. Mainly water purifier consisting of the following components :

  • Outer Spun Filter
  • Sediment Filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • RO membrane
  • UV lamp membrane
  • Mineral Filter 
  • UF filter
  • 24v DC Power supply 
  • Solenoidal valve
  • TDS flow controller
  • Floating valve switch


Intially, the water is supplied to the outer Spun Filter where it absorbs the mud and wastes in the water and then the filtered water is supplied as input to the Sediment Filter. The Sediment Filter is also helps in waste extraction from the water so that the first stage of Filteration has been done at the sediment filter end. Then the extracted water is supplied as input to Carbon Filter, at this stage the diluted state mud and wastes has been removed. Then the filtered water comes to the solenoidal valve.

Basically the solenoidal valve is an electrical switch, the basic operation of the solenoidal valve is acts like a switch to turn on or off of the valve. When the electrical power is supplied to the solenoidal valve. 

The operation of the solenoidal valve is typically depends on the floating valve. Basically the Floating valve is used to allow or block the power supply depends upon the water level of the purifier cabin. Therefore whenever the water level is full, it opens up the terminal contact and whenever the water level is low the terminal got connected via floating valve. 

In this way, power supply is regulated to the solenoidal valve, whenever power supply is supplied to solenoid valve the valve to motor got open. Here the power supply to the solenoidal valve and motor are provided at a time only. Then the motor received the filtered water at Carbon Filter and pumps it for RO(Reverse Osmosis) membrane then then waste water routed out through a flow controller (like FR450) and filtered water goes for the UV chamber, here the germs present in the water will gets killed by the UV light and water flows through the mineral filter to add on the minerals and goes the Ultra Filteration (UF) and finally reached to storage cabin.


Please don’t waste water, Water is the most precious resource/need in our life. So please don’t waste it or pollute it. Utilising the water in the most precious way will brought out the great future ahead.


If we waste or pollute the water now, in future it would be so difficult to get it back.

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