In the present days, electricity is playing a vital role in day to day life. These electrical resources are carried through the electrical wires. There are various types of electrical wires available in market. But depending upon the area, deliver of KV the selection of electrical wires done. But mostly, whatever the scenario the usage of electrical wire properities will match on one feature i..e, color code of the electrical wires.

May the location varies but the people who are working in the electrical field must have the basic idea of the color codes for the electrical wires. Even it is an important factor to know all the public, so that we can avoid the minimal electrical shocks while handling the things. Live wire is usually “red in colour, the neutral wire is usually black in colour and the earth wire is usually green in colour”. Mostly, An appliance has three wires of colours red, black and green, and is connected to a three pin plug.




In order to use the electricity in our homes, a proper wiring is required. The collection of Electrical wiring and electrical devices like switches, sockets, meters and fittings is called Electrical Installation or Building Wiring. An electrical wire is a single solid or twisted Copper or Aluminum conductor with or without any insulation.

Why we need the color codes for Electrical wires ?

The color codes of the electrical wires defines the significance values of their use. It is very helpful to work on. For example if a person done some electrical work and dropped off, then the person who takes up it later will easily identify the things and connections. So he will do the work properly without any harm. So color code plays a vital role in electrical work. Or else the source will also get collapse by mismatch attaching of the terminals.


               The Different color codes of electrical wires :

US Color Code for Electrical Wiring

IEC Color Code for most of the European Union

Most of the European Countries follow the International Electro-technical Commission’s electrical wiring color code. United Kingdom had its own color code until 2004. But from March, 2004, the UK started following the IEC color code.

Function label Color, IEC Color, old IEC
Protective earth PE green-yellow green-yellow
Neutral N blue blue
Line, single phase L brown brown or black
Line, 3-phase L1 brown brown or black
Line, 3-phase L2 black brown or black
Line, 3-phase L3 grey brown or black

EU Color Code for Electrical Wiring


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