According to official media, China has launched OpenKylin, its first-ever domestic computer operating system, as the nation intensifies attempts to reduce its reliance on US technology.
The largest State-owned comprehensive electronic information company group in China, China Electronics Corp, headed a group of Chinese enterprises that created OpenKylin 1.0, according to China Daily.

China’s version of the open-source Linux operating system, which was made available on Wednesday and is based on the current version, was created by a group of about 4,000 developers and is utilized by the country’s space program as well as sectors like banking and energy, they added.

The vast operating systems market in China last year was valued at 15.5 billion yuan ($2.1 billion), according to official media, which quoted an industry report. China’s IT industry has been working toward developing an operating system that is independent of US technology in recent years, and many businesses and organizations have contributed to the creation of the OpenKylin system.

According to reports, OpenKylin helps to improve and update the domestic operating system, ensures security in vital sectors like government, finance, communications, energy, and transportation, and gives the nation’s IT industrial chain dependable, basic software services.

More than a dozen Chinese businesses are working to create operating systems that might displace Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft’s Windows.

The “Unity operating system” has been created by one of these businesses, UnionTech Software Technology Co Ltd.

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