Trailer for most anticipated movie  BRO, Starring PAWAN KALYAN & SAI DHARAM TEJ just hit you-tube and it is… well not up-to my expectations, yeah yeah don’t curse me, I am also a fan of PowerStar, but this, this is not what i am waiting for since morning.

Trailer starts with a monologue from Pawan Kalyan, and a morning routine of our main lead of the film Dharam Tej, with all the workout and health checkups and running here and there as he is late for his work, Typical software employee from Hyderabad right? He then meets a girl and gets slapped, and then gets hit by a truck, and opens his eyes to meet Time ( Pawan Kalyan ) for the first time.

Here things take turn as he is not sure if he dead or alive, if he is dead how is he seeing his family and other people. If he is alive then who is Time and why is he with him.

Trailer is filled with different emotions and sentiments, with some fight shots and some vintage Power Star dance moves and dialogues.

Reaction :

Not the best trailer I have seen, not the worst trailer I have seen, but this did not reach my expectations. As a big fan of Pawan Kalyan, I had huge expectations on this trailer and movie considering the option that this is probably the last time we are going to witness him on big screen before Elections which are going to commence in 2024.

Review :

Music was good, cinematography was good, VFX… MEHHHHH, direction was decent and production values are also good.

let us wait for the movie, hope it becomes a huge success for Pawan Kalyan before Elections 2024.


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