On Tuesday, a bridge on National Highway-16, which connects Chennai and Kolkata, collapsed near the Rasalpur block in Jeypore, Odisha. Vehicle travel near the block was restricted after the bridge collapsed.JP Verma, Project Director, NHAI, stated that they are examining the cause of the collapse, which occurred in 2008. The bridge collapse was blamed on poor construction work, according to locals.

“On the surface, it appears to be a structural failure.” We’ll know when we can restore it after the expert committee arrives…”We will create a temporary traffic diversion,” he continued.

Local villagers first noticed that a portion of the bridge had sunk, according to Odisha TV. Fortunately, no vehicles were operating in that zone at the time.

“We were sitting nearby when a vehicle passed and a loud sound was heard,” a local resident, Sridhar Das, told Odisha TV. We raced to the location and discovered that a part of the bridge had collapsed. It is related to the usage of low-quality building materials.”

The Kuakhia police have improved traffic flow. They relocated hundreds of stalled automobiles to relieve traffic congestion on the stretch. However, RTO Jeypore Nilakantha Pradhan informed Odisha TV that people are experiencing traffic problems and that “we are now minimising the load on the other side of the bridge.” If the opposing side of the bridge sustains damage, the state’s journey will be halted. So, at one end of the bridge, Chandikhole RTO is investigating, while we are looking after this side of the bridge.”

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