New Delhi: Internationally famend bodybuilder and fitness influencer Justyn Vicky died after a gym accident in Bali, Channel News Asia has mentioned.

The 33-12 months-old is stated to have been seeking to carry 210kg whilst he fell lower back right into a sitting role because the barbell dropped on his neck. Vicky was immediately hospitalized with a damaged neck and critical compression of nerves.

In a video doing rounds on social media, Vicky may be seen attempting a squat press with the barbell on his shoulders but is not able to stand upright after going into the squat.

According to news reports, Vicky, a local of Bali, Indonesia, turned into rushed to the sanatorium straight away however couldn’t be saved, in spite of an emergency surgical operation.

Doctors stated he suffered from a damaged neck and essential compression of nerves that linked his heart and lungs.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, weightlifting is one of the nice exercises not just for training for sports activities, but for popular health and fitness as properly.

Trainers consider it’s miles very crucial to take care of safety measures to keep away from accidents or fatalities. Hence, observe these fundamental recommendations to lift weights safely.

Always do heat-up and cool-down physical activities

Experts propose warming up your body for every session. Warm up earlier than the load-lifting consultation with stretching exercises, calisthenics, and walking. When you start each lifting workout, start with small amounts of weight in the beginning and then development to heavier weights. During your cool-down duration after the lifting session, stretching is essential.

Take right relaxation

The National Academy of Sports Medicine recommends that in light-weight muscle schooling, you need to rest your muscle groups for twenty-four hours before operating them again. Experienced lifters who use more weight should relaxation muscle corporations for an extended time.


Dos and Don’t
Use spotters when you raise heavy weights
Keep your returned immediately at the same time as lifting
Use right lifting strategies
Wear footwear with exact traction
Do now not take rapid breaths and hold them while you carry heavy weights
Don’t retain lifting if you sense any pain and prevent at once
Do no longer exercising any set of muscular tissues extra than three instances per week
Do no longer carry heavy weights with out spotters
Do no longer elevate greater than you realize you can carry thoroughly

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