In the early morning hustle of Mumbai, at the Willington Club, a task interview became taking region that could in the long run shape the destiny of India’s tech industry. It became somewhere between 1979-80, and the man who turned into taking the interview was none apart from Azim Premji, the titan at the helm of Wipro. The man or woman he become speaking with turned into a young IIT graduate who became then operating at Patni Computer Systems.

Azim probed the interviewee’s abilties, and observed that the person turned into no longer up to his satisfaction. The applicant changed into rejected. Years later, as that very applicant pondered on this occasion in an article in the Economic Times, he wrote, “I am grateful to Azim that he rejected me,” adding, “else my founding of Infosys could had been behind schedule by way of a few years.”

The interviewee became none apart from Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy. Azim Premji’s selection not to lease him, he believes, allowed him to embark on his entrepreneurial adventure in advance than he may have in any other case. Today, Infosys is worth Rs 6,00,000 crore, whilst Narayana Murthy’s net well worth is over $four billion.



Fast ahead a couple of many years, Azim Premji’s respect for Infosys and Narayana Murthy accelerated as he realised the ability of the ‘startup’ in the post-liberalisation technology. He frequently inquired about Infosys’s development and marketplace strategies, showing a proper interest and admire for a potential competitor.

The men’s paths frequently crossed. Their discussions had been distinct, introspective and deeply informative, indicative of the mutual respect that characterised their professional relationship.

Narayana Murthy wrote of his appreciation for the matters that Azim Premji and his wife, Yasmeen, embody. “Azim and his wife, Yasmeen, are simple people with very good values,” he said inside the ET article, similarly appreciating his former interviewer for having “led by means of instance in difficult paintings and austerity”.

This uncommon tale serves as a reminder that within the global of commercial enterprise, rejection can occasionally be the finest impetus for innovation and entrepreneurial success. For NR Narayana Murthy, a ‘No’ from Azim Premji wasn’t the quit of a process utility however the beginning of a journey that would reshape India’s technological panorama.

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