The Great Train Robbery (1963):

One of the most infamous heists in history, the Great Train Robbery took place in the United Kingdom.

A gang of criminals meticulously planned and executed the robbery of a Royal Mail train carrying cash and valuables.

The heist involved stopping the train, overpowering the staff, and making off with £2.6 million (equivalent to approximately £53 million today).

The audacity and precision of the operation, combined with the subsequent manhunt and trials, made it a sensation worldwide.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist (1990):

Considered one of the largest art thefts in history, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist in Boston, USA, shocked the art world.

Two men disguised as police officers gained entry to the museum and stole 13 priceless artworks, including masterpieces by Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Degas.

The stolen artwork, valued at over $500 million, remains missing to this day, and the case continues to baffle investigators and art enthusiasts worldwide.

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