Teaser Details :

Produced by Shine Screens, Teaser for the new movie starring NataSimha Nandamuri Balakrishna has been released with movie title Bhagavanth Kesari. Balakrishna is seen in the title character, Nelakonda Bhagavath Kesari, where as Arjun Rampal ( Ra.One fame ) has been seen in antagonist role, who has a disability.

This movie is expected to happen in rural areas in Telangana state.

Balakrishna can be seen in new look compared to his previous two films, with white beard and rugged look, with telangana attire and his slang.

no other actor is shown in teaser.

Reaction :

Balakrishna is amazing with his new look and his dialogue delivery slang, Arjun Rampal has very less screen presence but can be seen as rich and cruel antagonist with many followers who are ready to follow his orders in hurting our balakrishna.

Thaman scored an amazing and feel new background score.

there are few shots which have very less time span, like water falling on a tattoo, which looked like fire on hammer.

A uniform (probably prisoner) can be seen in teaser with number 108, this represents the fact that this is balakrishna’s 108th film.

there is another shot where balakrishna is shown adjusting his mustache with less beard, so most probably this may be a dual role movie. there might be a chance that some part of the movie might probably run in either of Kolkata or Mumbai.

there is a dialogue which says that he is from forest background, so this movie might take place in multiple locations

This movie is promised to release this Dasara

Review :

Balakrishna is amazing as usual, music is also as per mark, cinematography is also good with some good color grading shots and slow motion shots

Rating : 3.5

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