With the Minecraft 1.20 we have some new cool features to checkout for, with new biome, two new mobs and much much more, let’s now look at some Minecraft seeds to play if you are creative builder, we will say our build ideas, and will be looking forward to hear yours


5. Seed 1 :  (-640074097040031353 )

On the fifth position we have ” THE JUNGLE PARADISE “. Covered with jungles on all sides, with Sandy beach in the middle right near the spawn, this seed provides many opportunities to build. With new bamboo blocks and rafts, this particular seed offers some new build ideas. My idea for a build ” Tarzan mansion with bamboo ”

4. Seed 2 : 712225023315282

On fourth position we have this amazing desert spawn with a naturally generated oasis right near by spawn which looks stunning in the first sight, which we call, ” THE LUXURY OASIS “. With limited trees and dead bushes around it, gives a challenge for early Minecraft days to survive. My build idea : a luxurious mansion / hotel with some tents and campfires around the Oasis as main base, dig a river near by which does not connect to Oasis and build an entire village on the banks of river

3. Seed 3 : 3477968804511828743

On third place, we have the most dangerous Woodland mansion on this huge mountain which is half destroyed, on an island right by the spawn. We call this ” THE FREE REAL ESTATE “. With less area to build, and a ocean monument just under the structure, it give a challenge for the player in early stages of the game. My build idea : destroy the mansion, build a prison with villagers as prisoners, and use it as villager trading hall, leave the rest of the island on its own, with some traps like TNT, mobs and all so that no intruder can go near the prison, now dig a tower inside the mountain and go underground to build yourself a fully sorted storage room right under the island surface

2. Seed 4 : 9418228204

On position number two, we have this gorgeous snowy peaks with meadow biome in the middle making it a meadow valley. We call this ” THE KINGDOM OF DREAMS “. This beautiful location is right around the spawn making it easy to start the grind for your base, start it as starter base and make it your main base gradually. My build idea : a huge castle on top of mountain with a huge village in the valley with all the jobs for villagers making it an villager trading center, make a stall for two or three villagers combined and providing same job for them, so that it will be easy for you for trading emeralds, each librarian gets a small room for themselves with a job post for each book we have in game. For storage system we go inside around the mountain digging and we have a round storage system inside the mountain around villager trading.

1. Seed 5 : 4325227337

On first position in this list we have what we call ” THE ATLANTIS ” because, well you guessed it right, this seed has a village in middle of a big water body, what makes it interesting is there is a flower forest nearby, and the new biome of all, ” THE CHERRY GROVE ” . My build idea : This gives us less opportunities to build an entire water civilization with entire village inside the water , or be more creative and build houses on the walls of the crater and assign jobs to villagers and make it a huge villager trading center or … Well I have many things in mind, but let me hear what you think you will be building here.

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